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Franki Anderson's Laundry of Love

Franki Anderson’s one-woman show was a breath of fresh air.

I arrived in the innovative venue of the converted barn at Wooda Farm

uncertain of what I was about to see. I was completely drawn in. The free-flow of Franki’s improvising dialogue with the audience - and ex tempore dialogue with herself - blew out the cobwebs from my predictable store of what I might expect from entertainment.


From sorting and scrubbing dirty washing through to folding, ironing and putting away clean linen, this seasoned performer used the vehicle of the Laundry to take the audience on a journey filled with fun and food for thought.  Skilfully blending story-telling, both tragic and comic, with reflections on social history, Franki progressed through her malleable scenarios. Exhibiting confidence in movement and form, she appeared unbound to a specific script and this enabled her to work spontaneously with unforeseen circumstances – such as the tiny insect she noticed crawling across her performance area or audience members arriving late after losing their way. Seamlessly she wove each of these events into her engaging narrative on life, which embraced the full spectrum of its joys and pains.


This is an amazingly creative show. I was buzzing for a long time afterwards.


Come to the Laundry of Love and you will be entertained, challenged and surprised.


For Franki's website click here

Cards with the image 'Pearl'

by Catherine Kasas

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by Catherine Kasas


Catherine designed this image after discussing the book with me. She grasped straight away the themes and discoveries made about the spirituality of people who have been abused, yet still have a relationship with God.

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